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Jong Java
October 27, 2016
1st Show
Door Open: 6.00 PM
Show Start: 8.00 PM
Jong Java

Back in the 1940s to 1960s, Keroncong is a very popular music style in Java Island. Its popularity starts to fade after the 1960s because of the influence from western popular music. During its golden era, there are a lot of wonderful repertoires that were composed and performed by great artists such as Ismail Marzuki, Mochtar Embut, Maladi, Sam Saimun, Bing Slamet, Oslan Husein to name a few. For most people especially youth nowadays, Keroncong is considered an old- fashioned music. This is the main reason why Nicolaus Edwin (Tenor Sax), Iwan Paul (Drums), Christopher Setlight (Contrabass), Nanin Wardhani (Piano), and Rahel Pradika (Vocal) have the same vision to refresh Keroncong and reintroduce it to the public, especially youth. Jong Java’s musical performance combines Keroncong with Jazz influences with a new arrangement while still maintaining the characteristics of Keroncong itself. Therefore, creating a new and fresh sound.

Watch Jong Java perform Live at Motion Blue Jakarta on October 27th, 28th & 29th, 2016. Don’t miss Jong Java special tribute performance to Ismail Marzuki on October 28th during Hari Sumpah Pemuda or Youth Pledge Day.


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27. Oct. Thu
1st Show
06.00 PM opens
08.00 PM starts