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Tiwi Shakuhachi & Imago
November 15, 2019
1st Show
Door Open: 6.00 PM
Show Start: 8.00 PM
Tiwi Shakuhachi & Imago

Singer-Songwriter Tiwi Shakuhachi was born in Bandung in 1978 and has been surrounded by family members who are passionate about music since childhood. Her love of music is highly influenced by her father who is an experienced bassist player, Janto Diablo. Tiwi father’s musician friends also help Tiwi develop her talent. Tiwi is skilled in playing many musical instruments with Piano and Accordion being her favorite. With her playful, sultry voice, Tiwi Shakuhachi performs her own blend of jazz infused pop that’s a treat for the ears. Tiwi has released three singles titled, Can’t Be Happier, Magic in Your Eyes, and I Should Leave You to rave reviews. In 2019, Tiwi released a single titled Rasa with her husband. They are currently expecting twins. 

Spend an evening full of Jazz with Tiwi Shakuhachi & Imago as they perform live at Motion Blue located at Fairmont Jakarta level 3 on Friday, 15 November 2019. Enjoy a free Welcome Drink with every ticket purchased. PURCHASE NOW at or RESERVE at . CALL +62-21-29039189 or WHATSAPP +628118690690.


Choose the Date and Show:
15. Nov. Fri
1st Show
06.00 PM opens
08.00 PM starts