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Travel Band
March 9, 2024
1st Show
Door Open: 6.00 PM
Show Start: 8.00 PM
Travel Band

Toni Brillianto is an accomplished guitarist, producer, and “Sudden jazz” jam session founder with over 20 years of experience playing jazz music. He brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to TRAVEL BAND. He has performed at numerous venues in Indonesia especially in Jakarta and has collaborated with many well-known musicians. Toni is passionate about sharing his love of jazz with others. He believes that jazz is a universal language that can bring people together and create a sense of community.

Jasmine Malaika is a jazz vocalist. She’s been heavily influenced with music from the moment she was born. Jasmine is known for her dynamic and energetic playing style and her ability to create complex rhythms. Jasmine is passionate about exploring the different rhythms and sounds of jazz music. She holds a big charisma for music. She believes that music is a constantly evolving art form, a language which connects people from all over the world.

Victor Prabowo is a professional bass player that offers exceptional musical talent and over 10 years of experience in the Jazz Music. He has an extensive repertoire and can provide the perfect soundscape for any occasion.

Deska Anugrah Samudra is a jazz drummer who was born in the city of Yogyakarta and has been active in his professional career since 2002. He has participated in various kinds of jazz festivals both domestic and international. He consistently performed at Java Jazz festival every year since 2010, Ubud jazz festival, Ngayogjazz Festival, Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival (Malaysia), Oxford University London, etc. shows with Arpi Alto, Paulinho Garcia, Tony Monaco, and others. He was involved in several recordings of jazz artists in Indonesia and also frequently collaborates with local and international jazz musicians.

Experience a jazz filled Saturday night on March 9th, 2024 with Travel Band as they perform live at Motion Blue at Fairmont Jakarta level 3. Enjoy a free Welcome Drink with every ticket purchased. 

RESERVE through WHATSAPP +62 8118 690 690.



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1st Show
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